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Nina Dobrev + Instagram videos.

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- I love you, B.

- I love you too, S.

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And may I just say how HAPPY I am that all of these kisses are between Rumplestiltskin and BELLE? If Belle could have been brought back by True Love’s Kiss, then that’s one thing, but otherwise, I am so very glad that Rumplestiltskin was careful of Belle and that it’s so obvious it’s Belle herself — soul and spirit and personality — that he loves. Such a good reflection of the Beauty and the Beast storyline on his side as well, that he loves Belle. He’ll keep Lacey forever and take care of her and do what he has to do to ensure she’s not out there doing things that would horrify Belle, but over all, he’s waiting. Waiting for Belle. He loves her for HER and not for her body or looks or the outside. Love is more than skin deep for both of them…

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It’s more than you could take

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If you ever need someone to talk to im here x

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