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The first true pairing that I have ever shipped. Ever. And you know why?

Because it’s beautiful. Because it’s pure. Because it’s perfect. THIS IS WHAT LOVE F*CKING LOOKS LIKE!

They complete eachother. They balance eachother out.

For gods sake, Dan could’ve just turned his back on her and could’ve lived without her when they broke up the last time in Season 2. He could’ve concentrated on different things. Not on her. But he wanted to. And he was always there for her, no matter what, even when she hurt him that much, he stayed at her side. He was the one who always believed in her. And you wanna know why? Because he f*cking loves her! He always has and he always will love her, no matter what. Whenever she has hurt him, his love was strong enough to forgive and even to forget it. And she knew that. And she always loved him. Even though she had many boys in her life, the only one she truly loved was Dan. I think, that she tried to forget Dan with all those boys. Deep in her heart she knew that she would always love Dan, but she ignored her feelings for him.

But now, they’re back. She finally realized that she belongs with Dan. That she loves Dan. That he is THE ONE for her, the love of her life. He helped her to be a person that she was more proud of and we exactly saw how different she was when she wasn’t with Dan. He changed her. He makes her to the Serena van der Woodsen she wants to be. Not to a woman that attends on every party and f*cks every boy. He makes her to a woman, that concentrates on the real issues in life. Future. But she still lives the here and now with Dan. She will always love him, no matter what’ll happen in the next time.

Seeing her hurt is the worst thing for me. It breaks my heart. I know this may sound weird, but i see her as more than just a fictional character. For me she became a real person. Just as Derena became a real couple.

There are over 50 Derena Scenes in 5 Seasons. Some good, some bad, some beautiful, some normal and some really sad scenes.

3 1/2 Break-Ups (I don’t see their “separation” in 4x12 as a real break-up)

3 1/2 Hook-Ups (again, i don’t see 4x10 as a real hook-up)

Kisses. Smiles. Tears. Joy. Happiness. Spending beautiful nights with eachother. The Looks. This incredible Chemistry. Their cuteness. Their perfectness. That and more stands for Derena.

This is a call to the GG Writers. We’ve waited long enough. But more importantly for us Derena Shippers is, that you guys stop destroying their whole story. They have history and with each scene against them (mostly Dair) you destory their story. Their perfect love story. All we want is a Derena Happy Ending. A realistic Derena Happy Ending. We want them to get married and have beautiful babies, that’s not even necessary, we just want a Happy Ending. These two getting back together. Cause they’re meant to be forever. Cause we love them. So please bring them back! That is all we want.


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